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If you are looking for a social security disability representative in Houma, LA, trust no one other than Disability Advocates of Louisiana. In 2004, Congress passed the Social Security Protection Act to address the huge backlog of disabled individuals who were requesting social security coverage. There simply were not enough lawyers interested in helping disabled claimants. By allowing advocates to represent them in hearings, the process moved much quicker, and deserving applicants got the support they needed.

This act was only meant to be a temporary solution to the funnel congestion, but thanks to the work of Disability Advocates of Louisiana and our peers, the act has been extended and established. All of the claims we present in our legal hearings are the product of hours upon hours of strategic development. That is what sets us apart in this industry. We give personalized attention to each client and case. In order maximize the chances you have of winning a claim, we need to make our documents and argument fool proof.

Legal representation from Disability Advocates of Louisiana begins with a one-on-one consultation. We have to know every aspect of your disability, what you need from social security, and any previous attempts you made to receive governmental benefits. The more information you can provide us the better prepared we are to respond to inquiries from the controlling board of your legal hearing.

We cannot stress enough how important transparency is. If there is something the board knows about you that we do not, it is incredibly difficult for Disability Advocates of Louisiana to provide effective legal counsel. It has never been easier for your disability claims to get approved and filed.

Hire us to be your dedicated social security disability lawyer.

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