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Find the ideal social security disability consultant in Houma, LA at Disability Advocates of Louisiana. The social security disability program is one of the two largest federal programs that provides assistance exclusively to mentally and physically disabled individuals, second only to the Supplemental Security Income program. If you want to know whether you are eligible for the social security program, there is no group of advisors more knowledgeable than us.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is primarily funded by taxes paid by workers, employers, and self-employed individuals. To qualify for this benefit, you are required to have previously worked at a job where you paid into Social Security for a given period of time. This established period of time changes frequently. The best stage to reach out to us for consultation is while you are employed. We can tell you if you already have enough time to qualify or how much you longer you have left.

The amount your benefit pays out monthly is based on your Social Security earnings record and your disability qualification. This program is also available to widowers and workers who became disabled in adulthood. If you qualify, it is important to know your payments will not begin until five months after the disability onset date. As a social security disability adviser, we can also inform you if your family members are eligible for benefits based on your work.

Our work continues for as long as you are receiving benefits, as your coverage is dependent on your medical condition. If you feel your payments have been unjustly lowered, let Disability Advocates of Louisiana act as your consultant representative in a legal setting.

Get all the information you need to qualify for SSDI with our lawyer consultation service.

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