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Disability Advocates of Louisiana is an effective disability advocate in Houma, LA. With over 10 years of experience in this field, we have encountered a multitude of clients with varying needs from their representative. Despite the diversity, we are always able to grant social security coverage, deserved work benefits, and community advocacy. We represent children, and our claims can influence any institution that is treating you unfairly.

There are key differences between a disability advocate, representative, and consultant. Governmental organizations, like the social security administration who we primarily deal with, refer to people who assist disability applicants as representatives or claimants. This role can be filled by someone who is not a legal professional. Disability Advocates of Louisiana takes the responsibility of that position completely. “We Win Claims!”

A disability advocate is someone who supports your cause and seeks to alleviate your struggles through outreach, argument, and support. In the context of governmental benefits, the role of an advocate is the same, only their focus is narrowed solely on the program you are seeking assistance from. An advocate answers questions from the community, consults with doctors for proper records, and supports you in legal hearings. Disability Advocates of Louisiana is ready to do all of this and more for your claim.

All of the representatives in this industry are regulated by the government to prohibit fees from exceeding $6,000. Disability Advocates of Louisiana does not need to be told by a federal body to make our services affordable. All of our rates are incredibly low, and we are open to modifying our fees according to your unique situation. Come get to know us and the services we provide. Take a trip to our offices today.

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